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Important!: All Lessons are booked in Standard Pacific Time (Los Angeles Time), so make sure that time zone matches the place where you live!

For example: If you live in India, you are 12 and a half hours ahead from Los Angeles California. So if it says book for 9:30 am- that's 10pm India Time.

*Your lesson will be scheduled with a certified vocal coach (scroll down to see coaches biographies )from Meli's team.

We are here to help your musical growth.*

FREE LESSON when you book ​a 30min coaching call FOR THE FIRST TIME.


Juliana Rodriguez is a professional singer from Bogotá, Colombia. Currently living in the United States, she works as a full time music educator and as a performer.

Juliana has over 12 years of experience teaching vocal technique, piano, music theory and song-writing in academies in Colombia and the U.S. and over 25 years of performing and recording for different projects from Classic Rock to Flamenco music. 

Juliana's vocal technique is mostly shaped by genres such as Opera, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Rock, Latin and Soul. She enjoys exploring the voice through interpretation and physical expression, guiding her students to develop and connect more deeply with their own sound while adapting the techniques and exercises to the student's needs.
"Your drive creates your reality"
Kristin Trotta is a Boston native who moved to New York City 17 years ago to study and make music her career. She is a multi-faceted musician and dynamic performer with 16 years of experience in professional performances, marketing and social media to name a few. She is passionate, engaging and has enough energy to fill the room. 
An avid teacher, she has provided guidance to many up and coming singers and musicians in New York City and groomed them in performing, in studio recordings and technique and presentation. She is a 2007 graduate of New School University's Jazz and Contemporary Music program with a BFA in Jazz Vocal Performance.
Kristin studied classical voice and piano with renowned teacher Miae Cho for 4 years. She also studied with Didi Stewart when she transitioned to a more popular song and piano style. Didi is an associate professor in the Voice Department at Berklee College of Music. 
She recently released her music video ‘Insatiable’ – which came out in October 2019.Her most recent project is her album ‘32 into 33’ - which is available in virtual stores everywhere.

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